World Development Vector-green and Smart Cities

The essay analyses topics that show Russia’s chances for “green” and “smart” city development. The concept of “smart and green” cities is shown to be a process or series of processes through which cities become more habitable, resilient, and so capable of responding to new technology and societal needs. Many studies condense the concept of a “smart city” to the utilisation of information and communication technologies, and the model of “green cities” to plant saturation. The study counters this view by presenting a progressive and holistic picture of green and smart cities, technological and engineering solutions that are compatible with human preferences and personalities, and further advancement in socioeconomic relations. The goal of the research was to critically evaluate the outlined conceptual approaches to understanding the models of “green” and “smart” cities, as well as to investigate the feasibility of implementing one of the models in Russia’s medium-sized industrialised cities and progress in the society-nature relationship. The main conditions, criteria, and indicators for the development of future cities are presented; the areas of application of green and IT technologies are substantiated; and the role of governing bodies in the formation of new city models, centred on the application of scientific and technological progress for the benefit of man and his future, is determined. It has been demonstrated that developing computer programmes for controlling various sectors of the urban economy, enhancing the efficiency of urban building, and developing human potential on the site of “green” and “smart” cities is necessary.

Author (S) Details

Lyudmila Nikolaevna Medvedeva
Department of ‘Economics and Management’, Volzhskiy Polytechnic Institute (Branch) Volgograd state technical University, Russia.

Larisa Semyonovna Shakhovskaya
Department of ‘World Economy and Economic Theory’, Volgograd State Technical University (VolgSTU) – Supporting Regional University, Russia.

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