Visual Art (s) Validation for an Interactive Dynamic Creative Mind

Graphic photography makes up the new artistic digital world in mediated settings. Cross-cultural simulations for the development of an effective innovative curriculum, in which the complex interplay of the use of visually rich, art-inspired imagery reflects a healthy artistic freedom, a freedom that provides the construction and maintenance of active course design with an extended and detailed integrity. The chapter discusses the transformative aspect of the frameworks of visual art that educators can use strategically through digitally enhanced practises to devise creative ways to inspire digital schoolchildren to extend their cognitive capacities and in turn, to visualise, reform and create new forms of visual culture. In addition, the opportunity to visually stimulate and combine creative forms with scientific terms and tools of technology seems to stimulate a positive direction for visually engaging native digital schoolchildren to develop their imagination to meet learning challenges in an intelligent ‘digital world’. The chapter ends with an emphasis on unique ways of employing instructional practises to adapt effectively to the reactionary essence of visual stimuli and their creative appeal. Also launched are some art-tech platforms or web-based apps that promote the advantages of creative active learning to train the mind to be more creative and inventive. In the selection of a proprietary collection of types of visual art and in the further selection of emerging technology, the option is exercised.

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Sylvia Stavridi
Special Libraries Directorate, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt.

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