Violation of the Special Theory of Relativity and Elucidation of the Twin Paradox

Einstein assumed the “principle of relativity” when constructing the special theory of relativity (STR).
He claimed that all inertial frames are equivalent, and that it is impossible to discriminate between
inertial frames.
However, among the coordinate systems regarded by Einstein as inertial frames, there are some in
which light propagates isotropically, and some in which light propagates anisotropically. A method has
been found which discriminates between these.
The author has already pointed out that there are problems with the STR, but this paper first
examines the “principle of constancy of light speed” assumed by Einstein in order to determine the
cause of violation of the STR.
Next, this paper discusses the “triplet thought experiment” in which accelerated motion is eliminated
from the famous twin paradox thought experiment of the STR. Here the inertial frames regarded as
equivalent by the STR are identified as “classically stationary frames ” and “classically moving
frames ” First, an observer M in frame performs the triplet thought experiment, and it is
confirmed that the delay in time which elapses in the moving frame agrees with the predictions of the
STR. Next, an observer in rocket A (Scl ¢ ) performs the triplet thought experiment, and observes the
same time delay.
This paper elucidates a system whereby symmetrical experiment results can be obtained, even if the
two coordinate systems are not equivalent. The traditional interpretation of the twin paradox must be

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Koshun Suto
Independent Researcher, 5-24, Oote-Town, Isesaki, Japan.

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