Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery and Conversion to Open-Chest the Correct Way


The advancements in video-assisted approaches for performing thoracic surgical procedures have been obvious since its introduction more than two decades ago. During that period, it was reasonable to practise converting an initially intended video-assisted procedure to an open-chest approach due to intraoperative difficulties and/or mishaps, and patients were informed of the potential beforehand. During the same time span, despite several published studies, two major aspects worth considering remain under discussion: 1. Similar or even better outcomes are usually attained in practise. 2. If fresh, proven, and suggested developments are really implemented. In this chapter, the reasons behind the previous conversion attitude are discussed in light of the advances made, as well as questions about the quality of video-assisted processes. In particular, how successfully advances, recommendations, and guidelines are followed, particularly in the treatment of lung cancer.

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Ricardo A. Navarro
Thoracic Surgery Service, Sanatorio Allende, Cordoba, Argentina.

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