Use of Silica Supported Acid Catalyst in Organic Synthesis


Solid supported reagents are becoming more widely used as a result of their enormous potential to provide green chemical technology. Because of their great activity, silica supported acid catalysts have recently garnered a lot of attention. Furthermore, silica-supported chemicals are simple to handle, less hazardous, and can be quickly separated and reused, making them useful in both academics and industry. Silicas don’t need to be pre-swelled, which makes them a lot easier to work with. Because oxidative bromination of alkenes is critical for the production of physiologically and synthetically significant dibromocompounds, a simple, efficient, and cost-effective approach for bromination of alkenes has been developed employing SiO2 -H2SO as a solid heterogeneous catalyst. The goal of the research discussed in this paper is to develop an environmentally friendly oxidative bromination of alkenes process. For the synthesis of dibromo chemicals, a solid heterogeneous catalyst is utilised.

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Arora Revika
Government PG College for Women, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, J&K, India.

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