Use and Efficiency of Alginic Acid to Remove Some Heavy Elements from Pollutant Water

Heavy metals (Pb, Cr, Co, and Fe) were removed from polluted water in this study utilising a chemical approach that included the inclusion of a biological polymer (alginic acid). Different concentrations (0.5,1,1.50,2 ppm) were present for each element. The pH 5 and duration of the test were assessed after 72 hours, and the leftover amounts of the indicated components were detected using the atomic absorption spectrometry technique. The findings revealed that the extraction of the components under investigation was acidic. Lead concentrations were highest at 2ppm, followed by 1.5ppm chromium, 0.5ppm iron, and 0.5ppm cobalt. Finally, because of its easy availability and manufacture, we encourage scholars to conduct research on alginic acid.

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Nibras Mohammed Abdulrasool Alsaffar
Market Research and Consumer Protection Center/ University of Baghdad/ Baghdad/ Iraq.

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