Universal Standard Calendar: A Periodical and Temporal Indicator for the Statistical Study of Phenomena Evolving with Time


This book presents a global standard calendar as well as a transitional calendar. The transitional calendar is used to reconcile the Gregorian and global standard calendars. As a result, the previous timeline is unaffected. The international standard calendar is differentiated by the fact that its dates are fixed. We’ve demonstrated that any region of the Earth’s temperature changes, as well as its seasonal divisions, can be analysed using this skill. This investigation is ongoing. was applied to the Douala airport’s annual temperature for the year 2004, with some interesting results. The causes of temperature instability, as well as the implications for climate change, were examined. The worldwide standard calendar has numerous advantages and can aid in economic development. Some of these advantages were mentioned in relation to a range of facets of our daily life. The worldwide standard calendar is the only calendar that can be used by everyone on the earth, and it provides answers to many of humanity’s questions.

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N. Djiedeu
Centre for Atomic Molecular Physics and Quantum Optics (CEPAMOQ), University of Douala, Douala, Cameroon.

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