Unconsidered Role of Electric Forces in Polar Snowair Interactions

Processes that occur inside polar snow cover significantly affect polar atmosphere but they are still
poorly understood. Most studies consider photochemistry as the dominant mechanism of chemical
transformations but recent field data cannot be interpreted only by such photochemical model. A
concept is proposed to consider electric phenomena that are well known to physics but their role was
never analyzed by snow chemistry specialists. But there is a question on how to differentiate
influences of photo effects and electric phenomena. It can be supposed that these factors are not
independent. On the contrary, they reinforce each other and act synergistically.

Author(s) Details

E. Yu. Tkachenko
Department of Antarctic Geoecology, Institute of Geological Science, NAS of Ukraine, Gonchara Str., 55-B, 01054, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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