Twenty Second Century Artificial Intelligence

The book divides the many new paths into nine chapters. “Artificial Human Optimization,” “Artificial Soul Optimization,” and “Artificial God Optimization” are the topics of the first, second, and third chapters, respectively.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth chapters, respectively, illustrate three new branches dubbed “Artificial Satisfaction,” “Deep Loving,” and “Nature Plus Plus Inspired Computing.”

The seventh chapter discusses “Artificial Heart Neural Networks,” which are algorithms inspired by both the heart and the brain.

In the latter two chapters of this book, two new branches are created: “Artificial Excellence” and “Stories Inspired Optimization Algorithms.”

Author(S) Details

Satish Gajawada
Alumnus, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India.

Hassan M. H. Mustafa
Faculty of Specified Education, Dept. of Educational Technology, Banha University, Egypt.

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