Transmission of N-atoms Produced by N2 Flowing Microwave Afterglows through Hollow Tubes: Advanced Study

Transmission rates (TN) of N-atoms through small diameters tubes (1.5 and 3 mm int dia and 9, 50
and 80 cm length for silicone tubes, 1.5 mm int dia and 6.5 cm length for stainless steel tubes) are
measured in late N2 and Ar-N2 flowing after glows of microwave plasmas in continuous and pulsed
gas injection modes at a flow rate of 1 and 3 slpm, a gas pressure from 2 to 4 Torr for N2 and 20 Torr
for Ar-1%N2 and a plasma power varying from 150 to 300 Watt.
From the experimental TN values, it is deduced the γ-destruction probability inside the tube walls as
being γ = (1.0-1.6)10-3 for the silicon tubes and γ = (1.6-2.0) 10-2 for the stainless steel tubes.

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A. Ricard
LAPLACE, Université de Toulouse, CNRS, INPT, UPS, 118 route de Narbonne, 31062 Toulouse cedex 9, France

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