Total Quality Management [TQM] in Hospitals – Challenges, Barriers and Implementation Developing a Framework for TQM Implementation in Hospitals

In the last few decades, quality management has become a major concern in hospitals. Government legislation, customer influence, and hospital management initiatives have all contributed to a greater focus on quality. Managing hospitals in a competitive market with minimal help from official organisations, especially in a growing country like India, appears to be difficult. Corporate Hospitals’ management is committed to providing high-quality services and has established a quality department. The goal of this study is to present a framework for implementing the whole quality management concept in India that is culturally appropriate. The SERVQUAL paradigm and application can assist hospitals in achieving satisfaction on both sides of the satisfaction spectrum: staff and consumer satisfaction. Traditional Indian culture, leadership style, and the mentality of medical professionals all act as roadblocks to TQM adoption in hospitals. The proposed TQM integrated framework model can greatly assist hospitals in breaking down barriers and successfully implementing TQM principles and practises.

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M. Balasubramanian
Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre, Department of Hospital Administration, Mumbai, India.

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