Time-/Space-Saving Series of Operations for Quantifying Ractopamine in Beef under Organic Solvent-Free Conditions


To forestall the dissemination of medication leftover food varieties, the powerful buildup scientific technique is key. This section portrayed a natural dissolvable free, straightforward, and time-/space-saving technique for test planning followed by elite execution fluid chromatography (HPLC) coupled photograph diode exhibit (PDA) identifier for measuring ractopamine (RP) in meat. The HPLC-PDA technique was utilized on an Inertsil®HILIC, hydrophilic connection chromatographic mode, segment with an isocratic watery versatile stage. A compact ultrasonic homogenizer was utilized to extricate an analyte from the example, which was then purged utilizing MonoSpin®SCX divergent solid silica turn smaller than usual segments and estimated in a short time. For successive examinations, a cluster of 24 examples could be broke down in roughly 7 h. The recommended approach accomplished normal recuperations for the anlyte in the scope of 95.2 – 103.1% with relative standard deviations ≤ 2.8%. As far as possible was 10 ng g-1 in the flank and liver. In the HPLC-PDA framework, RP was effectively distinguished in meat flank and liver examples by its maintenance time and assimilation range without the utilization of MS or MS/MS (very costly, stable/basic examination requires ability).

Author(s) Details:

Naoto Furusawa,
Graduate School of Human Life and Ecology, Osaka Metropplitan University, Osaka 558-8585, Japan.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/PCSR-V3/article/view/7957

Keywords: Internal harmonized analytical method, β-agonist, ractopamine, high-performance liquid chromatography, organic solvent-free, centrifugal monolithic silica spin mini-column

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