The Shape of the Higgs Field and the Shape of the Gravitational Field Impacts in Wave Propagation Methods: Scientific Explanation

A strong enough gravitational field evens out the surface of the celestial body over a threshold massM c, forming an elliptical shape. Small comets and asteroids can adopt any shape since their gravitational forces are insufficient to smooth out their surfaces. However, large celestial bodies like the Moon, Sun, and Earth have strong enough gravitational forces to smooth out their surfaces and generate elliptical shapes. The elliptical shape is a minor variation from the ideal shape of a circle. Because gravity fields, like electric and magnetic fields, are elliptical, the forms of astronomical bodies are chosen to be elliptical. Because gravitational forces are elliptical, celestial things of sufficient size take on elliptical shapes. Other astronomical bodies follow elliptical routes around huge astronomical bodies because to the elliptical form of the gravitational field. As a result, astronomical bodies’ elliptical forms, elliptical gravitational fields, and elliptical orbits around large things are all coordinated. I’ll explain why Higgs fields have elliptical shapes and how they allow wave propagation to be wavy, like a sine wave, in this chapter.

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Prasenjit Debnath
Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology Agartala, Barjala, Jirania, PO – NIT Agartala, District – Tripura (West), State – Tripura, Pin – 799046, India.

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