The Methodological Aspect of Development and Application Multivariate Classification G-mode for Analyses Geochemical Trend

This paper is a special G-mode of the system of multidimensional classification and its application in the Donetsk basin hydrogeochemistry review. Compared to other classification methods, it has the following key advantages: it does not require a priori information for the classification of observations; assigns homogeneous observing groups and subclasses; assesses the weight of the information of each indicator; calculates the distance between the homogeneous taxons; assesses the descriptiveness of the classification sign and others. The G-method is commonly used in the study of geochemical, environmental, cosmochemical, distance and other data forms. The technique was successfully used on Earth , Moon, Mars, Saturn, comets , asteroids and deep space to investigate objects, phenomena and processes. Direct and inverse geochemical zonality was established by the results of the use of the G-method in the study of hydrogeological data for the Donetsk basin. This demonstrates that oil and gas accumulations can be identified in the field.

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Professor A. I. Gavrishin
South-Russian State Polytechnic University, Novocherkassk, Russia.

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