The Importance of Establishing a Lokpal in India; Lokpal Vitality in Democracy-Device for Combating Administrative Lawlessness

Corruption is a complex issue entwined with bureaucratic rigidity, issues of economic access, and political power; in this sense, the state is the primary promoter of corruption; it cannot be reduced to a question of morality alone, and existing mechanisms for checking elected and administrative officials have failed. , as evidenced by the increasing number of corruption cases, the existing CVC-central vigilance commission is designed to investigate allegations of corruption, and the CBI, the country’s premier investigation agency, is overseen by the ministry of personnel and public grievances (under the prime minister) and the CBI, the country’s premier investigation agency. As a consequence, It is not immune to political pressure during investigations; moreover, the Supreme Court has regularly criticised the CBI’s lack of independence and professionalism in recent years; all of this necessitates the creation of a Lokpal with its own investigating team as soon as feasible. There is a revolution in India, and an anti-corruption wave is sweeping the country; in recent years, individuals from all walks of life have declared enough is enough, and everybody is doing something about it in their own manner; Some people are taking to the streets, as we have seen with the Jan Lokpal movement led by Anna Hazaare and his team, which has actually awakened the nation to administrative illegality. They asked that their proposals be included in the Lokpal bill, and their efforts to live a democratic life have been widely praised. Others are fighting it in the courts, while others are turning to the media. Regardless, specific measures are needed to combat rising corruption in all sectors; strong and stringent laws with teeth and power must be enacted, leaving no room for the guilty to flee; and firm and strong steps must be taken in the implementation of LOKPAL.

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Ms. Shrishaila Mudhol
JSS Sakri Law College, Heggeri, Hubli, India.

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