The Effectiveness of Cognitive Critical thinking Abilities in Nursing Education, A Systematic Review


The objective of this study is to describe and evaluate critically the role of critical thinking in nursing education. This study used online databases for Ebooks and E-Journals to gather data for a systematic descriptive appraisal. Based on information from other research studies, the data was critically assessed, appraised, and debated in relation to the effectiveness of critical thinking in nursing education findings.

The findings of this study demonstrated that the majority of research articles demonstrated and provided evidence that critical thinking is an accurate and effective tool for nursing education. Critical thinking aids nursing students’ understanding of the issues and enables them to solve issues in clinical settings. In light of the findings, it is suggested that critical thinking be incorporated into the curriculum and strengthened faculty in order to encourage students to see problems and attempt to find solutions in clinical settings. This study supported this recommendation.


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Huda Mohammad Ali Rasheed

RAK Medical and Health Science University, United Arab Emirates.

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Keywords Р Critical thinking, nursing students, nursing education

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