The Details of Migratory Phenomenons, Bioethics and Vaccinations

The evolution of the HIV following migratory phenomenons is reported in an interesting study carried
on for 15 years. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a technique in molecular biology that amplifies
a specific region of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), and has been useful in the molecular
characterization of viruses as poxviruses. In many countries, such as Italy, the vaccinations are
included in the so-called sanitary obliged not coercive treatments. This means that the obligation is
anticipated for all the subjects belonging to one determined range of age to undergo some
vaccinations, but these are not subministrated by force in case of refusal. The legitimacy of the
obligatory vaccination against the smallpox, with all the risks connected, stated that such “risks were
too much reduced to be seriously taken in consideration for the benefits produced on the collectivity”.
To ratify this obligation brings, however, to the reimbursement of the incidental damages produced by
the vaccination. Nevertheless, mass vaccination against smallpox continues to be a leading initiative
in western countries to guard against bioterrorist attack.

Author(s) Details

Giulio Tarro
Foundation T. and L. de Beaumont Bonelli Foundation for Cancer Research, Naples, Italy and Committee on Biotechnologies and Virus Sphere, World Academy of Biomedical Technologies, UNESCO, Paris, France.

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