The Beginning of a New Paradigm: From D. Bernouilli to M. Allais

To show the interaction of the human with welcome environment and allowing him express it, therefore harmonizing the subject with the object and doing what was missing from Quantum theory. In our polynomial the emotional factor Xo arrives in the numerator and leads to an objective appraisal since of a finite grade. Study also revives an approach to extort human preferences established the stimuli-reaction procedure long gone. Fifty years ago a new belief, Elementary Catastrophe Theory,(E.C.T.), unfolding a singular Potential in our brain, supported the underlying movement needed to discharge all the desiderata of the so-called school of Psycho-Physics (Weber-Fechner, 1860), pursuing to make analytical sense of the procedure above. The axiomatization of a self-calculation process removes some “a priori” powers about human motivation from the reason of the empirical dossier. This 5th degree symmetric polynomial exhibits a characteristic (Negative Schwarz’ Derivative) that goes at a great distance to resolve disputes and remove impediments in the development of Portfolio Theory apart from meeting the important landmark tests in the fields of Value and Utility. Given that theory of randomness has the divergence of Newton’s Method as a example, we have brought order to a conceivably chaotic process cause our algorithm guarantees local and global union through the careful pick of initial points. The feasibility of expanding the approach to the complex field is heartened by the verbalization of the Schwarz derivative’s invariance to the Mobius transformation.

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William M. Saade,
Formerly with the Stanford Research Institute at the Decision Analysis Group-333, Ravenswood Ave, Menlo Park, CA -94025, United States.

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Keywords: Elementary catastrophe theory, synapses, poincare – dulac, psycho-physics, gradient of a potential, negative schwarz’ derivative

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