The Anatomy of the Human Mind – The Cultural Consciousness and the Existential Consciousness Inherent in the Human Brain

Human existence is marked by linked gestures of survival and identity. The most crucial layer of consciousness, or existential struggle, survival, and identity crisis, dives into the structures of the human being’s built mind. A human being is mostly built through the realms of society and cultural standards, and a human being’s consciousness is determined by how the being reacts to particular life experiences. The survival and identity of human beings, with reference to post feminism and existential feminism, is treated with precision through Woolf’s characters, in order to bring in the ideology of balance in absurdity. The power struggle is eliminated by existence in the wilderness and intellect gained via power. The architecture of the human brain is studied in order to comprehend the human mind’s deficiency and existing structures. The societal fight to live and behaviour changes are conveyed through the characters in the novels under discussion, with behavioural psychology as the intended ideology.

Author (s) Details

K. R. Soundarya
Department of English and Foreign Languages, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai-603 203, India.

S. V. Karthiga
Department of English, Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai-603 203, India.

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