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Study on Estimation of Stature from Arm Span Using Regression Equation in Dehradun Region, India

Background: A variety of anthropometric measures, such as arm span, facial measurements, foot length and breadth, vertebral column length, and so on, can be used to determine stature. Arm span has been found to be one of the most dependable predictors among them. Materials and Procedures: A total of 100 healthy subjects (17- 25 years […]

Determining the Stature Estimation from Facial Parameters amongst Sangli District Population

Introduction: A person’s stature is a significant determinant of their identity. Because of cultural, nutritional, and environmental differences, each race requires its own findings for estimating stature. Many studies have been done on estimating stature using various body parts such as the hands, trunk, entire spinal column, upper and lower limbs, individual long and short […]

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