Tag: Squeeze film

Recent Investigation on Curved Circular Plates with Micropolar Fluids

The active characteristics.of squeeze film. lubricated on bent circular plates with micropolar .fluid is analysed. The generalised Reynold’s equating governing .squeeze film pressure, load winning capacity and squeeze film occasion are derived. The present reasoning deals with traits of squeezed film middle from two points two curved circular plates lubricated accompanying micropolar fluid. The results […]

Study on the Effect of Micropolar Fluids on the Squeeze Film Elliptical Plates

On the basis of Eringen’s micropolar fluid theory, this work elaborates on the theoretical analysis of squeezing film properties between elliptical plates lubricated by non-Newtonian micro-polar fluid. Micropolar fluids, a subclass of micro fluids that exhibit micro-rotational effects and micro-rotational inertia, can support only couple stress and body couples. The modified Reynold’s equations governing micro-polar […]

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