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Experimental Study and Examination of Coated, Uncoated, and Cryogenically Treated HSS Cutting Tools

High-speed fortify (HSS) tools are the most usually used tools in narrow and medium-scale industry. This study report presents verdicts from an experimental evaluation of tungsten carbide-painted, shallowly cryogenically treated, thoroughly cryogenically medicated, and untreated HSS tools. High-speed brace is utilized cause it is more affordable than other incisive tools while yet providing good dependability […]

A Descriptive Study on Potential and Benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

All countries’ principal source of revenue is the building industry. The building project is growing more sophisticated and difficult to oversee. This is because the construction project involves many different parties, including consulting companies, architects, engineers, building surveyors, and quantity surveyors, to mention a few. The latest technology in use in the construction industry is […]

The Development of Software SOLEEC for Parabolic Trough Solar Collector Designing

SOLEEC, a numerical method for designing PTC, is described in this study (parabolic trough collector). The SOLEEC software is split into two parts. The first provides for the measurement of solar resources for a specific area on Earth, and it can be done for a single day of the year, average values for a single […]

A Systematic Literature Mapping of Current Academic Research Connecting Sustainability into the Warehouse Management Systems Context

Globalization, digitization, and the rapid advancement of technology have made supply chains more complex than ever. Because of the complexity, many organizations have had to outsource their warehouse activities to Third-Party Logistics service providers. To manage in-house logistics services, they deploy automation solutions and tools such as warehouse management system (WMS) software. However, research into […]

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