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Road Surface Image and Video Dataset for Machine Learning Applications with Seasons

Monitoring highway surfaces is essential for ensuring the comfort and security of all road consumers, including jeeps and pedestrians. Furthermore, the maintenance of the roadways will benefit from this knowledge. As a result of the changeable weather, the state of the roads diminishes. Thus, producing an figure dataset of the road surface for two seasons-vacation […]

A Learning-rate Optimization Technique for Object Detection Accuracy Enhancement

Because of their specific capability for Image Recognition, Deep Learning [1] models have recently been used primarily in Object Detection algorithms. These models extract features from input images and videos [2] to identify items present. Image processing, video analysis, speech recognition, biomedical image analysis, biometric recognition, iris recognition, national security applications, cyber security, natural language […]

Sole Mate an Applicative Approach: Safe Pathfinding by Obstacle Detection and Distance Estimation for the Blind

The world has increased its demand for assistive technology (AT). There are a lot of researches and developments going on with respect to AT. Among the AT devices which are being developed, the need for a reliable and less expensive device which serves as an assistance for a visually challenged person is in serious demand […]

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