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Healthcare System and Managerial Implications

The Covid-19 universal and the negative economic impact written in the last 3 years have emphasize the inefficiencies of the internal health plans. The role of managers is critical in addressing inefficiencies in healthcare and in suggesting new business models.Q Author(s) Details: Antonia Rosa Gurrieri, Department of Law, University of Foggia, Italy. Marilene Lorizio, Department […]

Management of Pain due to Orthodontic Treatment

Pain is a average side effect of Orthodontic treatment. Various processes of Orthodontic treatment in the way that separator placement, archwire ligation, t loop incitement, intermaxillary elastics, debonding, placement of TADSs, influence varying strength of pain. This pain affects the quality of existence. Studies have shown that Orthodontists often minimize the pain of their patients […]

Covid-19 Infection among Pregnant Women: An Overview of Diagnosis, Treatment and Clinical Management

Coronavirus affliction or more popularly called COVID-19 is popular to be led to by a novel coronavirus 2. COVID-19 has been identified expected originated in Wuhan, Hubei, China. This pandemic begun in December 2019, and since then it has spread across the realm within a short ending. In the current scenario, no specific antagonistic-viral drug […]

Study about Management Control Procedures and Environment of Local Councils in Sierra Leone

 The review surveyed administration control methods and climate of Local Councils in Sierra Leone concerning Bo and Kenema Districts Councils. The optional goals of the review were, to: 1) survey control techniques on the committees viability; 2) evaluate control systems in lessening deceitful exercises; 3) survey control strategies in advancing the chambers execution; 4) recognize […]

A Brief Study about Osteoporosis: Clinical Findings and Management

The purpose of this study is to emphasise the issues that orthopaedic surgeons confront when treating senior orthopaedic patients in rural settings, as well as possible solutions to improve the status of managing osteoporosis and geriatric orthopaedic disorders in rural India. Osteoporosis, or fragility, is a major problem, and implant retention and other osteoporosis-related disorders […]

Determination of Kenya Education Management Institute’s Capacity Building Programme and Public Primary School Head Teachers’ Competencies in Teacher Supervision in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

The purpose of this study was to see how KEMI training affected head teachers’ competency in supervising teachers in public primary schools in Kenya’s Uasin Gishu County. Background: Education is the bedrock and pillar of human existence. Educational administration in Kenya entails the direction, management, and control of the educational industry. Working closely with instructors […]

Megameatus Intact Prepuce in a Two Years Old Boy in Katsina Northwestern Nigeria: A Case Report

Megameatus Intact Prepuce (MIP) is a rare form of glandular hypospadias that affects only around 3% of hypospadias instances. MIP was first defined by Juskiewenski et al in 1983, and the pyramid technique was first disclosed by Duckett and Keating in 1989. Elbatarny et al. published a study in 2011 that included seventeen individuals who […]

Causes and Management of Urethral Strictures in Elderly

Urethral stricture illness is a rather common disorder that costs a lot of money and has long-term implications. As a result of aging-related problems, it is more common in the elderly. Understanding the epidemiology of urethral stricture is crucial for identifying risk factors connected to the onset or progression of the illness. This understanding could […]

The Analysis of Partnership Patterns and Broiler Supply Chain Management

The animal industry, particularly poultry, has a lot of room for growth. As a result, as a business from upstream to downstream, a vertical integration system is required. To further understand this, research is being conducted on partnership patterns and supply chain management in order to ensure broiler access and production. The goal of the […]

Study on the Role of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in National Economic Development in Nigeria

The Enron scandal caused a Wall Street fraud crisis that shook the market to its core in 2001, immediately after the Asian crises of 1997-1998, the DotcomBubble, and 9/11. Since then, scandals such as those involving Lehman Brothers and WorldCom in 2007-2008, as well as the Great Recession, have surpassed it, however Enron remains one […]

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