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Internet of Things (IoT): Definitions, Components, Characteristics and Applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a structure that combines all material designs to computer network through switches, admitting ruling class to exchange dossier. Web request growth is boosting at a constant pace, and it is being secondhand by a broad range of population in a sort of various fields and positions. To sustain human […]

The Offensive Framework of Resource Based View (RBV): Focusing on Relative Superiority

This study examines one aspect of Resource-Based View that is sometimes disregarded (RBV). Given the notion that resource supremacy influences competition outcomes, firms should be able to sustain a competitive advantage by preventing other rivals from producing value with their resources. The aggressive architecture of RBV defines how to maintain such a dominant position over […]

An Assessment of Extension Approaches for Bacterial Wilt Control with Potato Farmers in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia’s densely populated highlands, potato farming provides both food and cash income, contributing considerably to smallholder potato growers’ food security and cash income. Ethiopian potato producers, on the other hand, face a number of problems, including a lack of access to improved high-yielding seed, seed tubers, and soil with a high frequency of bacterial […]

Study on Hackathons for New Innovation Seed and Business Model Development Needs in Digitalization Driven Sustainability, Circularity and Environmentally Friendly Solutions Demanding Digitalizing Societies

Companies in industrialised countries are under increasing legal pressure from governments and local governments to become more environmentally friendly. Nowadays, sustainability is a commercial benefit and a clear competitive advantage, and it is an intrinsic part of the business strategies of several front-line organisations [1-3]. In this complicated climate, businesses have a number of options […]

The Potential for Innovative and Smart Rural Development in the Peripheral Regions of Eastern Poland: A Recent Study

Most European countries have peripheral regions, and the Community’s Cohesion Policy, which strives to reduce development inequalities between Member States and regions within individual countries, has supported them for many years in European Union countries. In Poland, five of the country’s sixteen voivodeships are designated peripheral districts. They are on Poland’s eastern border, which is […]

Innovation Capability and Strategic Agility: Contributory Role on Firms’ Resilience among Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

The goal of this research is to look into the relationship between innovation, strategic agility, and company resilience in Nigerian higher education institutions. Design/Methodology/Approach: A descriptive research methodology was used with a sample size of 492 senior management responders from chosen tertiary institutions, with analysis and hypothesis testing conducted using SPSS and structural equation modelling […]

The Role of Generic Green Skills for Enhancing Creativity and Innovation: Tessellation of Regular Polygons

This paper proposes a more efficient and ecologically friendly modelling approach for tessellating regular polygons. Tessellation of polygons that have been innovated through generated themes, as seen in this work, differs from traditional tessellations of objects and animals. In comparison to using irregular polygons or other things, the main contribution of this work is the […]

Study on the Challenge of Conservation of Strategic Change: A Case of Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi

There was a global financial and business catastrophe last year. Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly failing, and the majority of them are attempting to produce the necessary profit to stay afloat. Furthermore, it has been discovered that this crisis is affecting large corporations that have either gone bankrupt or are on the verge of […]

Studies on Innovating Business Activities Using Triple Bottom Line Concept: The Case of Building Hygene Company Valtex

Valtex, a Slovene firm that produces hygiene solutions for commercial buildings, has lately met the targeted growth, profit, and cash flow, according to CEO and owner Niko Kumar. However, the company is suddenly threatened with bankruptcy, putting its previous success in jeopardy. Niko Kumar, along with his business partner and sales consultant, is forced to […]

Co-existence of History of Mathematics and Education of Mathematics: A Comparative Study

Mathematics education and mathematics history are both old subjects. The question is whether these two vital subjects can assist one another. Unfortunately, this concept separated mathematics society into two camps: those who feel that history of mathematics can aid mathematics education and others who believe that history of mathematics not only cannot but also confuses […]

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