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Spirituality in Modern Education as an Ideological Concept

The study looks at “spirituality” as an ideological notion in modern education, finding the ideologemes that underpin it. Acceptance criteria for ideologemes are the performance of a person’s activity and its evaluation in terms of paramount values. The authors identify one of the key paths in education as the methodological component of personal spiritual revelation, […]

Study on Teleological Principle of Methodology in Earth Sciences

The paper aims to resurrect the teleological dogma’s traditions, which have faded from scientific study. The present became the key to the past after the notion of actualism was established. All previous geological processes and occurrences were interpreted in the same way as they are now. The underlying principle of randomness underpins modern science. The […]

Martin Luther King’s Speech ‘I Have a Dream’: Discourse Analysis

Using Gee’s [1] building tasks, this study examines Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have a Dream.” To be more specific, the study focuses on King’s use of language to construct and deconstruct identity, relationships, and politics. These three categories are employed in an appropriate code scheme for analysis of the selected lines and paragraphs of […]

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