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Joule-Lenz Energy of Quantum Electron Transitions Compared with the Electromagnetic Emission of Energy: A Scientific Explanation

The electromagnetic energy of emission from a single level was compared to the Joule-Lenz dissipation energy defined for electron transitions between two neighbouring quantum levels in the hydrogen atom in the first stage. The one-electron motion conducted along an orbit in the atom is referred to by both the electric and magnetic vectors entering the […]

An Overview of the Hydrogen Atom Fundamental Resonance States

In the 1920’s, Louis de Broglie observed that the integer sequence that could be related to the interference patterns produced by the various electromagnetic energy quanta emitted by hydrogen atoms was identical to those of very well known classical resonance processes, which made him conclude that electrons have to be captive in related resonance states […]

Dark Matter and Unknown Ultra-low Energy Levels of the Hydrogen Atom

This paper discusses ultra-low energy levels of the hydrogen atom which was not predictable with quantum mechanics. The hydrogen atom has ultra-low energy levels. The existence of electrons at these energy levels can be demonstrated by changing the interpretation of triplet production. The matter formed from a proton with positive mass, and an electron with […]

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