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How to Realize E-learning Efficiently in Higher Education during COVID-19 Epidemic: Practices in 2020~2022

During the three age of COVID-19 epidemic (2020~2022), the directly facing school room setting revamps to a network in essence room now and then, and the explanation of educational course by mail and talent giving floor enhances to a greater extent main. In order to support proficient models and referential blueprints for the adept use […]

Public Policy for Regulating the Interaction between Labor Market Supply and Higher Education Demand in Israel: A Case Study

In recent decades, the global labour market in general, and the Israeli labour market in particular, have seen significant changes, affecting the availability of jobs in many occupations. The study’s objectives are as follows: To begin, determine the relationship between trends in labour supply and trends in higher education demand. Second, to figure out which […]

Study on Teaching with LEEMUSICA/READMUSIC in Higher Education: Perception and Improve in Music Education

The purpose of this study is to reflect students’ perceptions of their music education during their university teacher training and to assess their level of satisfaction with the Leemsica/Readmusic technique. Two examinations were conducted in the classroom with university students in the 3rd and 4th years of the Teacher’s Grade at the University of Valladolid’s […]

Study on Curriculum Redesigning-Suggestive Framework for Skill Enhancement in Higher Education in India

Knowledge is the new money of the twenty-first century. Without a doubt, education is undergoing a paradigm transition, with a greater focus on skills and employment. On the one hand, efforts are being made to increase gross enrolment, while on the other hand, there is a growing and legitimate fear that graduates will be unemployed. […]

Online Learning for Higher Education Continuity (during COVID-19 Pandemic) the Challenges, Advantages, Disadvantages, and How to Overcome: Recent Advancement

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the higher education sector around the world, with many universities and colleges shutting down completely. This position presents a slew of issues that have the potential to exacerbate disparities in cultures that are now compelled to go online. Almost all colleges have moved away from face-to-face study and […]

An Assessment of Incorporating Online Learning in Higher Education

In educational settings, learning and teaching have traditionally been viewed as a direct interpersonal classroom activity. As a result of technological advancements, new forms of teaching and evaluation have emerged, and they have gradually become a more prevalent aspect of education. With the advancement of information technology in general, and the Internet and online technologies […]

Questioning Facilities Management in Higher Education in Egyptian Context for Better Decision-Making Process of Funding Allocation: An Update

The quality of education is affected by university managerialization, which refers to the implementation of significant improvements in academic institutions’ decision-making processes, as well as the use of updated information systems and new managerial methodologies to restructure organisational strategic relationships with stakeholders. This paper suggests a questionnaire to determine the importance of university facilities based […]

E-Learning as a Tool for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

The e-learning industry has recently surged and is recognised as a new trend of modern education. E-learning functions as a platform consisting of many forms of computers and electronic media, which are both contact and Internet resources, offering training and access to information on particular topics. Students can take online classes anywhere, regardless of time […]

Public University in Portugal and New Models of Governance: How It Improves Its Competitiveness

In September 2007, the new legal regime of the Institutions of Higher Education (RJIES) – Law No. 62/2007 of 10 September – introduced a new framework of options for models and governance structures in higher education institutions (HEIs) in Portugal. If in the European context, the conception and design of governance models are generally converging, […]

The Theory of Hierarchical Cores Case: Analysis of Use of Technologies Level among Higher Education Students in Mexico

This paper shows the theoretical development of hierarchy by cores or kernels and an algorithm used to obtain an interesting class or partition from a hierarchy. Also shown is a the theorem about the Cores Optimal Criterion and how it is expressed as a function of the masses of the points of the vector space […]

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