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Something is Seriously Wrong with Cosmology

This study investigates and reports on a number of scientific and mathematical flaws that, taken together, have resulted in a widely held understanding of the universe that is significantly incorrect. Current accepted astrophysics has created an extensive network of hypotheses that are lacking foundation due to a fundamental cosmological mistake dating back to 1915. The […]

Out of Time – Predicting the Science of Future Centuries and Millennia (Edition 2)

The universe is boundless and eternal, according to this text, but it was scientifically constructed. This contradiction of generating eternity is contingent on future humanity’s superior electronics. Time travel, as well as programmes that employ “imaginary” time and infinite numbers like pi, will be developed by those humans. They’ll also take on the names El […]

Gravitational Telescope

The Global Seismic Antenna (GSA) detects deformations of the Earth of a specific sort, such as those induced by gravitational waves. GSA components are arbitrary “quiet” seismic stations with a GSA aperture of at least 10.000 km. Pulsars are a natural source of gravitational waves that occur on a daily basis (GW-waves). The Earth’s deformations […]

An Experiment on Wave-Particle Duality

Young’s double slit experiment has been simplified, potentially putting an end to the long-running controversy about wave-particle duality. It has been derived from natural knowledge, which includes a theory. The observer effect is no longer important, and the observed findings are consistent with those of classical physics. Author (s) Details Prashant School of Science and […]

A Recent Study on Frequency-dependent Squeezing Generation with EPR Entanglement

The sensitivity of gravitational wave interferometric detectors is ultimately limited by the quantum noise, which arises from the quantum nature of light and it is driven by vacuum fluctuations of the optical field entering from the dark port of the interferometer. One way to improve the sensitivity of gravitational wave interferometers is to inject squeezed […]

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