Tag: Geriatrics.

Community Health Services for Geriatrics and Widows South–South Nigeria

Geriatrics and widows are underserved in today’s culture. Geriatrics are viewed as unproductive age ranges. Widows, on the other hand, have traditionally been humiliated by their husbands’ family and community. They are dealing with a variety of issues that are obstructing their desire to seek medical help. The goal of this study is to evaluate […]

Study on Geriatric Pharmacology: An Overview

A drug’s bioavailability is determined by gastrointestinal absorption as well as first-pass metabolism in the stomach mucosa and liver. Elderly individuals usually have many ailments and take a variety of medications at the same time. Adverse medication reactions are common in elderly people due to a combination of changed pharmacological activity, reduced homeostasis, and the […]

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