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Determination of Facial Index in the Population of Sangli District, India

Introduction: In anthropometry, the face index is useful for determining facial proportion. The face archetype serves as a guide for the development of the craniofacial complex. The Indian population has a Mesoprosopic facial index, which is intermediate between Hypereuroprosopic and Hyperleptoprosopic. Because the Euryprosopic face type supports nasal breathing, the facial index and facial types […]

Determining the Stature Estimation from Facial Parameters amongst Sangli District Population

Introduction: A person’s stature is a significant determinant of their identity. Because of cultural, nutritional, and environmental differences, each race requires its own findings for estimating stature. Many studies have been done on estimating stature using various body parts such as the hands, trunk, entire spinal column, upper and lower limbs, individual long and short […]

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