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Out of Time – Predicting the Science of Future Centuries and Millennia (Edition 2)

The universe is boundless and eternal, according to this text, but it was scientifically constructed. This contradiction of generating eternity is contingent on future humanity’s superior electronics. Time travel, as well as programmes that employ “imaginary” time and infinite numbers like pi, will be developed by those humans. They’ll also take on the names El […]

The Mechanical Roots of Hehl & Obuchov’s Principles of Electromagnetism – A Contribution to the Unity of Classical Physics

I look at the connections between Hehl and Obuchov’s electromagnetism principles and classical mechanics, and show that the most essential ones can be reduced to Newton, Euler, Lagrange, and Helmholtz’s point-mechanical principles. This suggests that the Lorentz force and the Maxwell-Lorentz equations are primarily determined by, or at least related to, classical pointmechanics rules. This […]

An Overview of the Hydrogen Atom Fundamental Resonance States

In the 1920’s, Louis de Broglie observed that the integer sequence that could be related to the interference patterns produced by the various electromagnetic energy quanta emitted by hydrogen atoms was identical to those of very well known classical resonance processes, which made him conclude that electrons have to be captive in related resonance states […]

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