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Determination of Clinical Profile and Causality of Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions among Patients Attending Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in South India

Background: A cutaneous adverse drug reaction (CADR) is any unfavourable alteration in the structure or function of the skin and its appendages that is caused by a drug eruption, regardless of the cause. CADRs have a wide range of morphological patterns, ranging from minor urticaria to life-threatening forms including SJS and TEN vasculitis. CADRs (non-severe […]

Study on Geriatric Pharmacology: An Overview

A drug’s bioavailability is determined by gastrointestinal absorption as well as first-pass metabolism in the stomach mucosa and liver. Elderly individuals usually have many ailments and take a variety of medications at the same time. Adverse medication reactions are common in elderly people due to a combination of changed pharmacological activity, reduced homeostasis, and the […]

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