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Endometrial Cancer: Histopathology and Diagnostic Procedures

Endometrial malignancy (EC) is individual of ultimate low types of female cancers. The occurrence and death from EC has happened noticed to increase in current decades. Abnormal grieving, foul vaginal discharge, trouble or pain all the while the act of excreting, pain all along coitus, surprising pressure deficit, pain in lower tummy and poles, proneness […]

Akabane Test, Theory and Practice of Thermopuncture Diagnostics and Correction

The book is based on findings from analysing thousands of patients using the Akabane test over the course of 30 years of using these tools. These information is easily processed mathematically and is supported by evidence from evidence-based medicine research. Recently, there has been a global rise in interest in what are referred to as […]

A Case Report on Delayed Diagnosis of Glioblastoma

The clinical and radiological indications of a concomitant tumour may be hidden by the rupture of a cerebral aneurysm. The goal of this study is to raise awareness about the dangers of delayed diagnosis by recounting the case of a patient who had a subarachnoid haemorrhage that hid the presence of a glioblastoma for several […]

Study about American Trypanosomiasis and Chagas Disease: An Approach towards Sexual Transmission

A literature analysis was conducted to determine the pathways of transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi parasites and to assess the distribution of Chagas disease, which has now spread to five continents. The epidemiological profile of American trypanosomiasis, which is still considered a neglected disease of the poor in Latin America, has changed throughout time. In a […]

A Brief Review on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Versus Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Diagnosis of Periapical Pathosis

Any dental pathology can be diagnosed in a variety of ways, from simple to challenging. While cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is commonly employed, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is still in the experimental stage. The goal of this review is to compare MRI and CBCT diagnostic ability in the diagnosis of periapical pathosis. Materials and […]

Early Intervention on Autism: Facts and Findings| Chapter 13 | Emerging Trends in Disease and Health Research Vol.4

Early intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is the best and most efficient treatment for improving key indications of this neurodevelopmental disease, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Psychiatry Association (APA), as well as various scientific evidences. Specific strategies and approaches, particularly for two-year-old patients, can help you change your […]

An Introduction to Seafood Allergy: With Special Mention on Shellfish Allergens

Seafood is a staple of most people’s diets around the world. More frequent reports of adverse responses have come from increased production and consumption, stressing the need for more specific diagnosis and treatment of seafood allergy. The primary allergen in shellfish has been identified as tropomyosin, which induces IgE-mediated hypersensitivity. Oral allergy syndromes, urticaria, and […]

Innovations in Prostate Cancer Molecular Biomarkers

The most common non-skin cancer in males is prostate cancer, which is also the leading cause of cancer-related death. A commonly used prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test is used to detect prostate cancer early, and a biopsy is utilised to confirm the diagnosis. Prostate cancer is asymptomatic in its early stages, has a wide […]

A Compendium of Precision Oncology: An Approach towards Unveiling the Unique and Individualized Reality of Cancer

The employment of a “one size fits all” strategy, that is, a comparable line of therapy or the use of the same drug/medicine, that too in a conventional method, to cure a certain condition, has been witnessed for several decades. Rather than specific human characteristics, this strategy is linked to unique genetic constitutions and processes. […]

A Case Report on Diagnostic, Genetic and Therapeutic Challenges in Mixed Phenotype Acute Leukemia

We describe a unique B/T/myeloid MPAL case with MLL-AF4 gene rearrangement that was successfully treated with an AML-oriented strategy after pre-phase steroid therapy failed to remove leukemic blasts. MPAL is diagnosed by combining the expression of lymphoid (B- or T-cell) and myeloid markers, which may reveal a B/T lymphoid, B/myeloid, T/myeloid, or even a trilineage […]

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