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Assessment of Variable Speed of Light with Time and General Relativity

Background: A series of observational evidences were presented in favour of the hypothesis that the speed of light varies over time according to the fundamental relationship dc / dt = – Hc, where H is the Hubble constant, which is considered a universal constant, in a previous paper titled “Evidence for the variation of the […]

Something is Seriously Wrong with Cosmology

This study investigates and reports on a number of scientific and mathematical flaws that, taken together, have resulted in a widely held understanding of the universe that is significantly incorrect. Current accepted astrophysics has created an extensive network of hypotheses that are lacking foundation due to a fundamental cosmological mistake dating back to 1915. The […]

The Astrophysical Phenomenon of Dark Matter and Dark Energy Proves the Existence of the Hidden Multiverse: Scientific Explanation

The existence of a hidden Multiverse is proposed as a theory. The Multiverse is referred to be hidden because all of the parallel universes that make up it are unseen to those who live in other parallel universes, with the exception of their own. Humans visiting one of the universes neighbouring to our parallel reality […]

Why are Dark Matter and Dark Energy Invisible?

The astrophysical objects of study, dark matter and dark energy, are so termed because they are unseen and unfathomable. They are inexplicable in terms of physical optics, among other things. According to the article, their invisibility is owing to their resemblance to fictitious physical entities whose actuality has been established. Author(S) Details Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov […]

The Observation of the Dark Matter of the Universe through the Concept of the Theory of the Relativity: A Recent Study

While many space agencies, such as NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, ESA’s XMM-Newton, and Hitomi, or a Japanese-led X-ray telescope, detected data from deep space, such as the acceleration of the expansion of the universe’s materials, receiving X-Ray pulses from deep space, or even the effects of bending light from their origins, dark matter has become […]

A Look at Schmutzer’s New Projective Unified Field Theory

Schmutzer’s 5-dimensional Projective Unified Field Theory is described as a new general-relativistic covariant unification of gravitation, electromagnetism, and scalarism in this brief communication. Scalarism, which appears in the theory, is a novel natural phenomena that might be regarded as dark matter. A variety of applications to spaceship orbits, planets and stars in galaxies, as well […]

What Connects Dark Matter and Black Holes? Scientific Explanation

  Dark matter, which is around six times more prevalent than regular visible matter, is a major component of the cosmos. The consequences of its mass are measured, yet it escapes the telescopes. It is unique in that it does not release radiation and interacts only through gravity. The major goal of this article is […]

Study Highlighting Calculation of Dark Energy and Dark Matter

The foundations of a dark energy theory. The numerical value obtained from the available data is compared to the theoretical outcome. The approach is plausible because the numerical values are well-matched, resulting in three independent paths. The current project is similar to KEPLER’s laws of planetary orbits. Only ISAAC NEWTON gave KEPLER’s laws a theoretical […]

Hypothesis of Quantum Gravity

I was inspired to write this article after reading a book by Prof. Geraint Lewis and Dr. Luke Barnes about how to undo astronomy’s Big Bang. Since attending several astrophysics courses at Australian National University a year before, I’d had a strong urge to do this (they were conducted by Professors Brian Schmidt and Paul […]

What We Know about the Universe that is Not So: Undoing a Century of Errors

The prevailing assumption for nearly a century has been that the universe was created by a big bang singularity. This speculative occurrence is an impossibility that has only become a well-established belief due to a basic scientific inaccuracy that few have questioned until now. The cosmos could not have formed from any singularity, according to […]

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