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Estimation of Thermokinetics of Sorption of Mercury (II) Iodide Complexes on Sulphocationite KU-2-8 Modified by Crystal Violet

The microcalorimetric method was used to investigate the kinetics of sorption of iodide complexes of mercury (II) on a sulfonic cation exchanger KU-2-8 modified with a basic crystal violet dye. The order of the sorption process was discovered to be close to the first. 2.66 10-3 s-1 is the rate constant. The activation energy is […]

Study on Photo Degradation of Dyes from Aqueous Solutions of their Binary Mixture, using TiO 2 as the Oxidant with Different Sources of Energy

Photodegradation is frequently used in the treatment of water and waste water. Photodegradation looks to give the best chances for overall treatment of dyestuff effulents, compared to other treatments such as froth flotation coagulation and so on. Solar photo catalytic oxidation, which uses semiconductors such as TiO2, ZnO, and other materials, has made a name […]

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