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A Critics on Nuclear Theory of Cultivation Science of Crops

The purpose concerning this work was to explain the study matters and the nuclear belief system of crop cultivation skill on the basis of the current situation and crop nurture science’s problems, practices in crop result, and some hypothetical perspectives. In this work, it was argued that a hypothetical system for Chinese agricultural education science […]

Determining Wheat Crop Acreage Based on Remote Sensing and GIS Technique in Jabalpur, India

Using satellite photos to map and classify a crop is a difficult operation that can reduce the complications of field visits. Sentinel-2, a recently launched satellite with thirteen spectral bands, a short revisit time, and determination at three different resolutions (10 m, 20 m, and 60 m), as well as free picture access, makes it […]

Net System of Genetic Characters of Yield Performance of Crops and Explanation for It

How was the plant or crop yield established? In thirty years, the Net System of Genetic Characters of Yield Results, the theory system of ‘Theoretical Genetics and Breeding Science of Crops’ was first solved by this great difficult problem of basic research. This net system was a new synthesis of living bodies using subject theories […]

Predicting the Water Use Demand as a Climate Change Adaptation Solution for Rice Planting Crops in the Context of Climate Change

This work investigates the impacts of climate change (ICC) on water use demand of rice planting crops in the Long Xuyen Quadrangle (LXQ). Crop model was selected to evaluate the irrigation water demand, actual evapotranspiration (ETc) and effective rainfall (ER) of rice planting crops based on the updated report on emission scenarios which are issued […]

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