Tag: computational fluid dynamics

Use of Stokes’ Stream Function for Interactive Visualization System of Taylor Vortex Flow

The facet ratio, which is the percentage of the cylinder distance to the space between the cylinders, and the Reynolds number, that is inferred from the inner barrel’s velocity, are two together key variables in this study. Taylor’s vortices create torses regularly superimposed into the breach between false accusation and the bearing. The appearance of […]

Energy, Exergy, Economic, Environmental and Computational fluid Dynamics (CFD) Assessment of a Very Small Incinerator Combined with a Heating System: An Advanced Study

This study proposes a very compact incinerator that also produces heat (VICH). The goal of this work is to design, model, test, and assess a novel VICH system using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), energy, economic, environmental, and exergy (4E-CFD) methodologies. The findings of the CFD analysis utilising three hot fluids—hot water, steam, and hot oil—suggested […]

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Wind Load on Photovoltaic Panel Assemblies

The aerodynamic research of solar panel assemblies and the determination of wind load are presented in this chapter. The task is solved in the first phase using a 1:1 computer simulation of the wind flow around the suggested rectangular assembly using the FLUENT ANSYS programme, followed by experimental measurements in the wind tunnel with a […]

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