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Quasinormal Modes and Thermodynamics of Linearly Charged BTZ Black Holes in Massive Gravity in (Anti) de Sitter Space-time: Scientific Explanation

Under this study, we look at the thermodynamics and Quasi-Normal Modes (QNMs) of linearly charged BTZ black holes in large gravity in the (Anti)de Sitter ((A)dS) space-time. The behaviour of QNMs is seen to vary with the graviton’s massive parameter as well as the black hole’s charge. The thermodynamics of such black holes are also […]

Out of Time – Predicting the Science of Future Centuries and Millennia (Edition 2)

The universe is boundless and eternal, according to this text, but it was scientifically constructed. This contradiction of generating eternity is contingent on future humanity’s superior electronics. Time travel, as well as programmes that employ “imaginary” time and infinite numbers like pi, will be developed by those humans. They’ll also take on the names El […]

An Advanced Study on the Creation of Neutron Stars and Black Stars and How the Chandrasekhar Limit Prevents the Creation of Intermediate Black Stars

A supernova remnant with a mass between 1.44 and 2.2 solar masses contracts down to a neutron star, according to a programme written in Excel. The declining gravitational potential slows time during the collapse. The pressure rises to the point that the contraction comes to a halt. Although the remnant is still contracting at greater […]

Discussion on World-Universe Model—Alternative to Big Bang Model

A comparison of the Hypersphere World-Universe Model (WUM) with the prevailing Big Bang Model (BBM) of Standard Cosmology is given in this manuscript. The BBM analysis performed reveals that the Traditional Cosmology Four Pillars are model-dependent and not large enough to sustain the model. One of the most important BBM problems is the angular momentum […]

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