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Novel Pyruvate-Enriched Medical Solutions and Beverages

This review’s goal is to introduce new applications for pyruvate-enriched fluids. Since a half-century ago, pyruvate has been extensively and carefully investigated. Pyruvate is a unique anion that is more advantageous in protecting numerous cell/organ metabolism and function than anions found in commercial medical fluids and health beverages, according to a large body of experimental […]

Physicochemical Characterization and Volatile Compounds of Vinegar and Wine Produced from Banana Pulp

A considerable part of world banana production is discarded due to excessive handling and inadequate storage during and after harvest. Nevertheless, these residues can be used for industrial purposes, such as production of fermented beverages, since its pulp is rich in carbohydrates. In this study, the kinetic of acetic fermentation process using banana pulp by-products […]

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