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Role of Artificial Intelligence – Revolution in Medical Science

To accomplish good and affordable healthcare for all society has been a needing immediate attention for governments and organizations worldwide for a very long time. Especially, in the healthcare domain. Artificial Intelligence (AI) shows potential in the medical field to recognize illnesses, assist doctors, uncover drugs, laboratory medicine, etc. This science can assist clinicians in […]

Mirror Neurons Linkages to Design Communication Skills Training Models for Doctors

Mirror neurons were originally discovered in the early 1990s. Multiple specialized ‘mirror neuron wholes’ have been proved in studies to comprehend the intents, conduct, feelings, and attitude of others through direct imitation and operation understanding, without the need for any intelligent processing. Research has illustrated how Mirror neurons contribute to the substitution-based knowledge of new […]

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) the Future of Sustainable or Green Fashion?: A Review

Technology has indeed changed many surfaces of humanity during the whole of past, and again, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has certainly had a big affect organization, trade, and the surroundings.Another ingredient that has an impact on the asteroid and society’s lives is the negative impact that the whole clothing industry has on the surroundings. Fashion generates […]

Artificial Intelligence Advances in Emerging Dentistry

By automating repetitious processes, reinforcing diagnosis and situation preparation, and providing particularized care, machine intelligence (AI) can completely revamp the dentistry manufacturing. One model of AI in dentistry is utilizing machine learning algorithms to envision decay of a tooth (decay of a tooth). By preparation a model on a big dataset of dental concepts and […]

AI and Opportunities in Cancer Care

The use of algorithms to simulate human cognitive capacities and to handle challenging healthcare issues, such as complex biological disorders like cancer, is known as artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence (AI) has the capacity to handle enormous amounts of data and enable optimum decision-making, but the human mind is constrained to processing small amounts of […]

The COVID-19 Vulnerabilities and the Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence Linkages

The study’s objective is to do an exploratory evaluation of the Covid-19 pandemic by concentrating on the topic of Covid-19 pandemic morbidity and mortality and taking artificial intelligence dynamics and quality of life into consideration (QOL). This research was conducted using a review of the literature, anecdotal evidence, and reports on the morbidity of COVID-19, […]

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Pest Management

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization [1,2], agricultural pests cost 20-40% loss of worldwide crop output each year. Pesticides used in excess to control pests cause serious difficulties. Farmers may use artificial intelligence (AI) approaches combined with contemporary information and communication technologies to manage these hazardous insect pests using smart agriculture. Machine learning (ML), […]

Diagnosis of the Medical Images Using a Three-Dimensional MRI and CT Reconstruction Algorithm: A Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

MRI and CT can effectively identify prognostic indicators in the cervix, tumour size, parametric invasion, pelvic lateral wall, and lymph node invasion. CT scans have a high density resolution, which allows them to clearly depict organs and soft tissue structures with tiny density changes. Despite the relevance of MRI and CT in the diagnosis of […]

Vasthu Shastra Using AI Rule Based Expert System (CLIPS)

People have actually developed to use Vastu Shastra for better lives over the years. They have began to place a high value on the concept. What is the reason for people employing and accepting Vastu Shastra to such an extent? What is it about this custom that makes it so intriguing or fruitful? A plethora […]

Artificial Intelligence Plus Plus (AI++): A Novel Approach

The term “Artificial Intelligence Plus Plus (AI++)” was coined, invented, and defined in this chapter. Super Computational Intelligence is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence Plus Plus. Author (S) Details Satish Gajawada Alumnus, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Uttaranchal, India. Hassan M. H. Mustafa Benha University, Egypt. View Book:- https://stm.bookpi.org/RAMRCS-V1/article/view/4334

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