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Essential Pediatric Immunopathology

The immune system is responsible for defence, vigilance, and homeostasis. Immunodeficiency, allergy, and autoimmune illnesses are caused by pathological changes in the immune system. Immunodeficiencies occur when the immune system is unable to generate a sufficient response to hostility from the outside environment. Allergies occur when the immune system encounters and perceives an environmental factor […]

A Brief Study about Allergic Rhinitis

The current research gives an overview of Allergic Rhinitis and how to treat it. It’s a great resource for rhinology students and physicians that deal with this condition. It teaches them how to examine allergic rhinitis patients in a systematic way, which is quite frequent in most demographics and causes a lot of morbidity. Allergy […]

An Introduction to Seafood Allergy: With Special Mention on Shellfish Allergens

Seafood is a staple of most people’s diets around the world. More frequent reports of adverse responses have come from increased production and consumption, stressing the need for more specific diagnosis and treatment of seafood allergy. The primary allergen in shellfish has been identified as tropomyosin, which induces IgE-mediated hypersensitivity. Oral allergy syndromes, urticaria, and […]

The Impact of Bioresonance Therapy on Human Health

Introduction: Bioresonance is a holistic physical technique that can be used to diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses. The electromagnetic waves received from the patient are used by bioresonance. This biophysical treatment modifies the energy field of the diseased body, improving the autoimmune system’s effectiveness and hence the patient’s general health. Bioresonance isn’t a […]

A Critical Discussion: Possibility of the Strategic Treatment for Various Tumors Using the Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist Based on the Common Pathologic Findings that Mast Cells and Leukotrienes are Involved in the Development and Proliferation of Tumors

One of the antiallergic drugs, the leukotriene receptor antagonist, is indicated with an asthmatic therapeutic drug. We discovered that mast cells and a leukotriene receptor were frequently present in a variety of malignant and benign tumours, proving that the allergic reaction was closely linked to tumour growth and proliferation. We also tested the effectiveness of […]

Monitoring the Risk Factors Associated with Asthma among Saudi Adults in Najran

Context: Asthma is a respiratory condition that affects individuals of all ages. Over the last few decades, its prevalence in Saudi Arabia has increased. The goal of this study was to explore common asthma-related risk factors among Saudi adults in Najran between December 2016 and October 2017. In addition to another 184 healthy people as […]

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