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Influence of Age and Regular Exercise on Blood Pressure in Female Subjects: A Descriptive Study| Chapter 6 | New Visions in Biological Science Vol.10

Background and Objectives: A sedentary lifestyle is a leading cause of disease, disability, and mortality. Sedentary behaviour has been linked to an increased risk of hypertension and pre-hypertension in numerous studies. In comparison to heavy labourers, light workers had five times the rate of coronary heart disease. Premature coronary heart disease is caused by a […]

Association of Vitamin D Deficiency with Knee Osteoarthritis (KOA) in Population of Tamil Nadu, India

The goal of this study is to compare the serum 25-OH vitamin D levels of patients with knee osteoarthritis (KOA) who are scheduled for joint replacement with healthy people. This pilot study was undertaken in and around Chennai, as well as rural areas in Tamil Nadu. Study participants were chosen at medical camps held by […]

Determining the Relationship between Transversus Abdominis Strength and Lumbar Lordosis in Young Adults

Background: Researchers and clinicians are focusing on the function of the Transverse Abdominis (TrA), the deepest abdominal muscle, because evidence suggests that TrA is activated independently of the other abdominal muscles in a variety of tasks and is critical for lumbar stability. To use a pressure biofeedback unit to test the strength of the transverse […]

Study on Monitoring of Measurement of Radiation Doses in Paediatric Age Group in NICU and PICU

The dosages of radiation received by various age groups in the NICU and PICU, as well as in the general population, are studied. The AERB’s radiation recommendations and international radiation safety laws were strictly followed during this study. Dedicated X-Ray Unit, meticulous collimation, minimal / optimal radiation factors, proper FFD, 1.5 mm Aluminum filter, C.R. […]

Determination of Influence of Age and Regular Exercise on Blood Pressure in Males

Background: Sedentary lifestyles have been linked to higher blood pressure and an elevated risk of hypertension and pre-hypertension in both cross-sectional and longitudinal epidemiological studies. Sedentary lifestyles raise the risk of developing age-related diseases and dying young. Inactivity can shorten life expectancy through predisposing to age-related disorders as well as influencing the ageing process itself […]

An Overview on Etiology of Corneal Blindness

In the Puducherry Union Territory, the goal is to screen for people with corneal blindness, establish the aetiology, and assess the risk factors for corneal blindness. Materials and Methods: Fifty patients with corneal opacity and clinical visual acuity less than 6/60 were enrolled in this study, ranging in age from five to eighty years. Each […]

Detailed Study on Age Related Pattern of Awareness and Basic Knowledge on Zika Virus Disease among Women Visiting Children Immunization Unit in Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, Southeast Nigeria

Background: The Zika virus, which re-emerged in 2015, is an infectious agent of considerable public health significance. In certain infants of infected mothers, it is spread by mosquito bite, and is associated with microcephaly and some other neurological malformations. In the past, mild infections with this virus have been reported in the Americas, Asia, Africa, […]

Normal Hematological Parameters of Barb Horses Raised in Tiaret, West of Algeria

Barb horse, pride of the Berbers, is a famous Maghreb horse of a particular significance in the Algerian history, tradition and culture. This study aims to establish the hematologic values specific to the barb horse in the national stud farm “Chaou-Chaoua” in Tiaret, Algeria. Age of the studied animals varied between 1 and 23 years. […]

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