Synthesis of Novel Virus-Like Mesoporous Silica-ZnO-Ag Nanoparticles and Quercetin Synergize with NIR Laser for Omicron Mutated Covid-19 Virus Infectious Diseases Treatment

This work shows that novel viruslike mesopore silicazinc group of chemical elements/Ag nanoparticles (SZnOAg) combined and professionally calm on NIR laser radiation accompanying quercetin to advance the removal the mutated bug as a biomedical application. A singular type of silica nanoparticles accompanying a selfinflating tubular surface has existed favorably combined using a novel singlemicelle epitaxial tumor process. The features of the nanoparticles maybe brought into harmony concerning their core width, tubular distance, and exposed width. Due to their biomimetic presence, they can rapidly transfer living containers into bug-like pieces, this SZnOAg nanomaterial has particular elimination effect on bacteriophage and Covid-19. Using epitaxial progress, we can assemble bacterium-like forms that maybe used for biomedicine uses. These nanomaterials and NIR ray of light take care of prepare the way to a new range of antiviral matters, due to the lowefficiency basic rude answer of current nanoparticles, their uses in the biomedical field are restricted. Herein, it apparently shows that novel mesoporous silica nanoparticles maybe easily shown superior natural rude answer feature.

Author(s) Details:

Fadi Ibrahim Ahmed,
Chemistry Department, Al-Shujaa bin Al-Aslam School, Kuwait.

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Keywords: Bacteriophage, biomedical applications, Covid-19, omicron, epitaxial growth zinc/silica/silver nanoparticles, infectious diseases, NIR laser, SEM/TEM, photothermal, quercetin, virus-like mesopore

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