Swelling of Nuclear Fuel in Nuclear Reactors


The inelastic scattering of nucleons on nuclei was used to try to understand the reasons for nuclei excitation in nuclear chain reactions, as well as nuclei deformation and atom swelling. Multiple scattering of nucleons by nuclei is studied using the suggested distorted-wave theory. The linkages between the quadrupole vibrations of the nuclear surface and the mobility of nucleons by the associated dipole and quadrupole giant resonances were taken into consideration while researching the characteristics of excited nuclei. The energy spent on the stimulation of gigantic dipole and quadrupole resonances, as well as the vibrations of the nuclear surface, are calculated. Being in an excited state causes the nucleus to distort and grow in size, as well as the size of the atom, causing swelling.

Author(s) Details:

M. Mirteimour,
Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/NTPSR-V3/article/view/6821

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