Study on Weakly m-semi-I-Open Sets in Minimal Spaces

Popa and Noiri developed the concepts of minimal structure and m-continuous function, which is a function defined as a function defined between a minimal structure and a topological space, in 2001. The notions of weakly m-semi-I-open sets, weakly m-semi-I-closed sets, weakly m-semi-I-continuity, and their associated conceptions in minimum spaces are introduced and studied in this chapter. Any subset of a minimal structure is a weakly m-semi-I-open set if and only if it is an m—I-open set, according to our proof. A weakly m-semi-I-open set is the arbitrary union of weakly m-semi-I-open sets, and a weakly m-semi-I-open set is the finite intersection of weakly m-semi-I-open sets. We also look into the decomposition of a set that is weakly m-semi-I-open.

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R. Mariappan
Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi, 642 003, Tamil Nadu, India.

Sri Sarada College for Women, Tirunelveli 627 011, Tamil Nadu, India.

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