Study on Titanium Oxide in Ceramics

This research includes experimental work for obtaining ceramic glazes of greater quality than those now in use, as well as a thorough examination of their qualities for the production of bone china goods. An experimental study on generating opaque glazes has been worked out, starting with the composition of a glossy transparent glaze for bone china and utilising in excess some components capable of devitrifying the basic glaze. The effects of titanium and calcium oxide, as well as their mixtures, on the appearance, phase composition, and thermal behaviour of bone china glaze have been studied in order to develop opaque crystalline glazes with a high aesthetic effect. All of the sintered glazes were found to have a considerable crystalline structure, which was validated by optical microscopy. These oxides, which account up up to 20% of the total, are indicated as particularly beneficial cumulated. Under typical thermal treatment circumstances, the goods obtained showed suitable properties. They are undoubtedly costly, but they can only be utilised for specific products that require a more sophisticated element to justify their use.

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Cezara Voica
National Institute for Research and Development for Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, Donat str. 67 – 103, P. O. Box 700, 400293 Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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