Study on the Reupholster of Stained Glass Designs and “The Deceptive Silence of Stolen Voices”

This thesis presents a reading of the metamorphosis of the art of the Nigerian glass designs of Frank Ugiomoh and Nsikak Essien, drawing on the seminal theme of biography as a provisional means of accessing artistic substance. Using an analytical approach, these masters’ key artworks are analyzed. Site-specific photographs of the Church provide nuanced comments on biblical messages, the teaching of the Church and the Liturgy. In the art world of Nigeria, image making tooling mechanisms and story-telling practises are commonplace. A hermeneutic investigation, however, is conducted to help unravel the tooling processes and art making traditions used by the artists in their engagement with the cognomen of natural synthesis to influence the paradigm of ecclesia in Africa. Frank Ugiomoh ‘s designs are addressed with a hermeneutic description that draws attention to theIn the creation and development of glass designs, the peculiarities of his artistry are emblematic. The analysis, however, revealed I that the artist Nsikak Essien diligently sourced his ideas on mimetic reinstatements of the canons of academia in re-upholstering his pictures; but introduced linear schemes extracted from the art forms of his Nigerian art world , specifically Uli and Nsibidi; while (ii) Ugiomoh toed the intellectually subtle repositioning of themes and instrumentation mechanisms, A mission that must be left to the exegetes of a future text is the thrust of the discourse of power.

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Graves, P. Nelson
Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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