Study on the Influence of Work Environment on Head Nurses’ Managerial Innovation and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour

Objective: With the rapid changes and competitiveness of health care organisations around the world, organisations must recruit and retain skilled and inventive nurses who act as citizens. This is difficult to do without a good work environment. The natural surroundings of the physical and emotional qualities of a working area to which nurses devote the majority of their working hours are referred to as the work environment. Managers, staff nurses, and patients benefit from a creative, stimulating, joyful work environment. It boosts patient outcomes, nurse productivity, and creativity. At Mansoura University Hospital (MUH) and Elmahala Chest Hospital, the current study intends to evaluate the influence of work environment on management innovation and organisational citizenship behaviour (ECH).

Materials and Procedures: The research was carried out at MMUH and Elmahala Chest Hospital in Mansoura, Egypt (ECH). A total of 140 nurses were included in the study. Managerial Innovation Questionnaire, Work Environment Questionnaire, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Questionnaire were used in this study.

The overall working environment at the main university hospital was better (37.1%) than at Elmahala Chest Hospital (31.4 percent ) Also, at the main university hospital, there was more agreement on managerial innovation than at the Elmahala Chest Hospital (21.0 percent , 14.3 percent ) Elmahala Chest Hospital (48.6%), rather than Main University Hospital, had the greatest total organisational citizenship behaviour agreement (44.8 percent ). Finally In both settings (**p0.01), there is a clear positive significance relationship between total work environment and total management innovation and citizenship behaviour.

Conclusion: Improving the working environment has the potential to improve managerial creativity and organisational citizenship behaviours.

Recommendations: Efforts should be made to create a healthcare environment that fosters innovation and corporate citizenship. Nurses should also be involved in creating corporate goals and making choices in order to create organisational citizenship behaviour.

Author(S) Details

Awatef Hassan Kassem
Department of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University, Egypt.

Maysa Fekry Ahmed
Department of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University, Egypt.

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