Study on the Hominescent Body in Michel Serres’ Thinking

This contribution examines Michel Serres’ idea of the «reappropriation» of the senses (and body) in the way of aesthetics as a «reunified» discourse on sensations and fine arts expressed in the 1980s, as well as his idea of metamorphism and mimicry of the body expressed in the 1990s, reading them as emergencies of his recent idea of the new «hominescent» body. First, in the context of Serres’ philosophy of hominescence, the Serresian proposition to “return” to the senses and body from the standpoint of aesthetics will be analysed. Serres’ theming of body metamorphism and mimicry, in which the senses are thought to influence the body’s mimicking, will then be addressed. These stages are meant to illuminate the ramifications of Serres’ recent concept of the “hominescent” body. First, the investigation of Serresian rethinking of the body through rediscovery of the senses and highlighting of bodily metamorphic and mimetic processes; second, the delineation of Serresian concept of «hominescent» body/bodily hominescence, which is, in a sense, the perspective/result of this revaluation of the body.

Author (s) Details

Dr. Orsola Rignani
Department of Humanities, University of Florence, Italy.

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